The Genius Electronic Nose, which can analyze a breath, and save lives!

A five-minute test is all it takes to detect a particular type of cancer in a patient’s body, without going through elaborate tests like before. In a breakthrough in the medical sciences world, there is an electronic nose that can determine, through the person’s breath, whether they have been affected by Barrett’s esophagus cancer or not. This is opposed to the Endoscopy method, adopted as of now for diagnosis.

Barrett’s esophagus Cancer:

This condition occurs when the mucosal cells, which are found in the lower portion of the esophagus, and long the food pipe, would suddenly face a spurt in their growth, which can be termed abnormal. This develops into an esophagus Cancer, which is known as esophagusa denocarcinoma.

History, Symptoms, and diagnosis:

Barrett’s esophagus is very difficult to detect as it has hardly any symptoms, but the chances of a male who has long term acid reflux issues, and if he is above 50 years of age are bright. This becomes more certain in the cases where they are obese. Given all these facts, the chances are still slim between 3 % to 13%, which may go on to develop esophagus adenocarcinoma.

Now researchers have developed a new technique that is foolproof and can make a confirmed diagnosis and report back the anomaly. The new method involves the patient breathing into a nose-shaped electronic device. That is all it requires. The results are sent to the lab, which processes the breath and concludes whether the patient does have esophagus adenocarcinoma.

The device can detect molecules that are inside the system and also spot the difference in them. That is how it managed to differentiate between a sample of patients on who had Barrett’s esophagus, and the rest had gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. It can also rule out both ailments if the case is such. Now the research team is all set to work on a sample of 1000 patients, through which the electronic nose would be developed more accurately. If the results prove to be more conclusive, and it is a steady pattern, the device would be launched in all the GP’s within three years maximum.

There are a few experts, who feel, the device requires more improvement, and further research on it is a definite possibility.

It is the same experts who also agree that the primary concern has been tackled effectively by the new electronic nose. One question is raised though. What could be the results, if it is applied to a bunch of healthy people? The device may turn out to throw in some false diagnosis since it is continuously showing negative feedback among healthy people.


The results are encouraging with this new invention and would benefit may cancer patients who suffer from the esophagus. And, it is almost sure that this device would be available throughout the world in a matter of three years only and save many from suffering once and for all.

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