The Crest Edition Wireless Headphones – A Review of This Affordable New Product

Orange Amplification is a known brand in the wireless headphones market and their new Crest Edition Wireless Headphones are creating quite a buzz in the market. These headphones are available at an affordable price of $115 U.S which makes them a budget option in the wireless headphones market. They have plenty of features and provide the customers with good sound quality which is rare in this price range. The following is a detailed review of the Crest Edition Wireless Headphones of the various features of the product.
Review of the Features of the Crest Edition Wireless Headphone

Connection & Sound

The connectivity available on this headphone is of two varieties. These headphones can be connected to audio sources through Bluetooth and also has a wire option that connects the headphones to the smartphone. The sound quality is quite good in this product and the headphones have 40 mm drivers and a frequency response of 20HZ to 20KHZ. They are designed in such a way that they can reduce the outside noise for the listeners making listening to the audio on these headphones a great experience.

Design & Hardware

The Crest Edition Wireless Headphones have a fantastic and stylish over-ear design. It has a soft and comfortable cushion design which makes the experience of wearing these large headphones extremely comfortable. It has a metal and rubber-coated plastic body with a foldable design and has swipe controls on the earphones for the listeners to access and control the features of the smartphone. These are relatively lightweight wireless headphones and weigh around 256 grams which makes them easy to handle. They come with a spare audio cable and a USB charge cable for the battery.

Battery – Its Top Features

Battery life is an important feature in any type of wireless headphones as the amount of time people can listen to audio on the headphones without recharging is important. The Crest Edition Wireless Headphones have a very strong battery life of 27 hours which means that it lasts for a long time without the need to recharge again and again.
These are excellent headphones which offer wireless technology at an affordable price making them an ideal option for many.

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