The coolest things the Apple Watch can do

People often choose Apple Smart Watch due to its stylish look and most refreshing features. There is more than one function is present in this smartwatch that has made it extraordinary than others. In case you are also willing to buy the product, there are more than one expandable features for the product is present here that can make your choice different than others. The article consists of some of the coolest features of the Apple smartwatch for which you can consider choosing it as your daily partner.

Detect atrial fibrillation Symptoms

First and perhaps the most crucial feature that the Apple Smart Watch provides is the detection of the symptoms of atrial fibrillation. In case you are having any trouble with your heart, the watch will detect it and send you a notification for it.

Seek help when you fall

The watch can be able to detect whether you have fallen in the ground or not. In case you have fallen somewhere and will seek help from another person so that you can get help from others.

Measure disables

Your Apple smartwatch can also be able to measure the sound decibels that are taking place around you. In case the sound decibels are high, it will also provide you the notification about the high decibel that can harm your hearing function.


Most of the smartwatch provides waterproofing support, but did you know your Apple Smartwatch also provides an expandable feature, wearing it, you can also go for a swim too. The Apple watch consists of submerging capacity so that you can go up to 50 meters deep in the pool without any problem.

Control Your Car

You will also be able to control your car using the Apple Smartwatch. You can also lock and unlock your vehicle using the expandable feature of your smartwatch.

The article has gone through some of the expandable features of the smartwatch that you can choose now. Hopefully, the article will remain beneficial for you to know about the various feature of it.

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