That’s Not True: Alexa Interrupts Qualcomm Presentation at Tech Event

Qualcomm, an organization this is super recognized for making laptop chips for smartphones, used its stage on the CES alternate show in Las Vegas to highlight a number of those stark numbers and provided a capacity manner to lower them.

Qualcomm presented CES 2019, displaying of some of its in-automobile prowess with the revealing of multi-tiered 1/3-technology Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit structures that encompass Performance, Premiere, and Paramount schooling. Those schoolings represent get admission to-degree, mid-tier, and wonderful computing systems respectively.

Qualcomm says that its new platform is designed with a modular architecture to permit automakers to customise alternatives for their shoppers. The chipmaker discussed its efforts to set up C-V2X generation in vehicles and roadside infrastructure as a new way to allow drivers to-in effect-see spherical blind corners, forestall beforehand of emergencies a mile down the road and brake earlier than hitting a distracted pedestrian.

That information is then fed as warnings to drivers to help them avoid collisions and different risks. Qualcomm is likewise speaking up its in-automobile capabilities at CES 2019, inclusive of integration of Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The platform leverages the language processing and speech reputation functionality that Amazon Alexa offers. This integration lets in voice-based reports in the vehicle like in-automobile digital help and natural interactions between the car and reason force. An in-car demo at CES 2019 features Amazon Music, Prime Video, Fire TV, and Audible offerings.

Nakul Duggal’s presentation at the continuing generation occasion CES 2019 in Las Vegas via saying with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa interrupted Qualcomm government, “No, that is now not actual. The Qualcomm giving a live demo on how Alexa works with cars and shows nearby restaurants even as using. Alexa additionally refused to answer queries and became asked several times for responses.



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