Teslas Million Mile Battery – An Innovative Way to Make Electric Cars Cheaper

Tesla is a major vehicle and clean energy company which is known for adopting new technology and creating new products that stretch the bounds of innovation and technology. Tesla is an automobile company and innovatively develops car batteries to last longer in their cars. Tesla Million Mile Battery has been rumored for quite some time now and details about this battery were shared in May 2020. This battery is planned to be launched at a “Battery Event” by Tesla and this will help Tesla make electric cars more affordable in the long run. The following are details about the Million Mile Battery by Tesla:

Tesla Million-Mile Battery

Currently, the cost of using an electric car is much higher than that of using cars that run on gasoline which is bad for the environment. Tesla has created a battery that can make electric cars a low-cost option. There have been reports that the Million Mile Battery is made using cobalt less or low cobalt technology which makes the cost of the battery cheaper. Chemical additives, various forms of coatings and materials are used in this battery to make the battery store more energy for a longer time. It also reduces the internal stress on the battery making it last longer.

Tesla Cars

Tesla Cars are expensive compared to other brands and the electric cars can cost tens of thousands of dollars, cheapest being Tesla’s Model S which costs around forty thousand dollars in the United States. The million-mile battery is made to make the electric car cheaper and more competitive price-wise with cars that run on gasoline. Tesla plans to use this million-mile battery in its new electric cars and the first car to be introduced in the market with this battery is Tesla’s Model 3 car. This car will be in the market in 2021 in China and after that in North America. If it broadly reduces the costs of electric cars then it will make Tesla cars more accessible to broader public.

Innovative Push by Tesla

Tesla is a modern and innovative company that looks towards making the future more prosperous and sustainable for humanity and has new innovative projects like the million-mile battery in every sector. Million-mile battery will help make eco-friendly cars more widely available to people at lower costs which is good for the environment. Tesla is working in the electricity sector to make electricity more affordable for cars and companies in the future.

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