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Boring Portal is an internet site to provide news and articles about innovative products and startup companies. It allows users to share and discuss information about their startup products, innovations, new ideas and companies. As of  1st Oct 2016, the users of Boring Portal would agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • User should be at least 18 years of age.
  • Users are responsible for the accuracy of the information they are providing via Boring Portal.
  • Boring Portal cannot and does not give any warranty about the accuracy of the information provided by users on this website.
  • Boring Portal would provide links of news and articles from other websites. As Boring Portal has no control on other websites, it does not provide any warranty on the accuracy of the contents of this news and articles. Users should only click the links of the other websites at his/her own risk.
  • Users of Boring Portal agree that they would do their own independent due diligence before making any opinion  regarding other users, companies or products they read about on Boring Portal.
  • Users agree that they would not take any financial decision or risk solely on the basis of the information available via Boring Portal.
  • Users agree that they would not hold Boring Portal responsible for any loss of their time or money, due to the content available on the website.
  • Users agree that they would provide their real names and would be responsible for copyright and accuracy of any information they are providing at Boring Portal.
  • Users who are submitting information, articles and comments would be responsible for the Intellectual property of the material they have submitted on Boring Portal. However, Users grant the right to Boring Portal to display, edit or translate the material to suit Boring Portal. Users would immediately contact Boring Portal in writing to remove any material that they have submitted and they feel is not providing accurate information.
  • Users would be responsible for all Intellectual Property issues arising from the material they have submitted to Boring Portal.
  • A content once submitted and published on Boring Portal would not go away, under usual circumstances.
  • Editors on Boring Portal may decide to not publish, remove articles or edit the articles, or suggest making changes to the articles to suit the website. The user should inform Boring Portal via an email to nick@boringportal.com immediately if they disagree with any editing done.
  • Boring Portal may make changes in the design or content of its website at any time without any notice, without providing any reason.
  • User should not break any laws, lie, cheat or mislead, spread computer viruses, spread rumors on Boring Portal.
  • Users will not threaten, abuse, harass, defame, torture, libel, make obscene or profane remarks  about other users.
  • User will not invade other person’s privacy.
  • Users would not offer or describe ways to access illegal or prohibited products or services.
  • Users might get access to information about names, email address, contact details of other users while reading articles or news on Boring Portal. Users would not abuse this information in any manner.
  • Boring Portal would not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the material submitted by user, as user would be responsible for it.
  • As Boring Portal is based in New Jersey, USA, any legal issues arising from anybody using Boring Portal would be done in the jurisdiction of New Jersey, USA.
  • We do not provide warranty of any kind, express or implied by allowing you to use our site. We are providing the website as it is, the user is using our website at his/her own risk.
  • If there is any legal liability that arises due to any content submitted by you, or by your use of  Boring Portal, you would hold us harmless and provide indemnity and all costs (including reasonable Attorney fees). Boring Portal would hire an attorney as defense, but you would be responsible to make payments for it.
  • BORING PORTAL does not recommend buying or selling of stocks or making investments based on information here. 

Limit of Liability: In no event or circumstance, Boring Portal would be liable for damages of more than $100 (ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS).
All the content available on BoringPortal.com either by admin or by the users can be only used by other users for personal purposes. You would take written permission from Boring Portal and the copyright holder before you utilize it for any “commercial” purpose.