Tentsile tents leap between air and ground with new conversion kits

Not before long, Hammocks dominated as they made your life easier by not resting on the ground. Otherwise, you lay tent on the ground open go insect and reptilian attacks, which made camping a dangerous prospect.

It was Tensile who came up with an innovative idea of a tent dangling in-between trees they were tied to. The trees had to form an angle and straight too.

To make the tensile tents work they introduced a tent that can be strung to swaying trees, which overrides the need for a sturdy tree.

But the latest is that the Tensile tent does not need trees anymore. Let’s look into the new features in the passage below:

Tentsile tents

1. The Stand:

The Tensile comes with a forty-five aluminum stand that can be fixed on the grassy area with fifteen feet.

2. Easy Installation:

The nuts and bolts accompany the stand, and you can secure the positions to the ground with them.

Next is the turn of the straps which require the connector and pully hardware to secure it tightly with the corner prongs.

With this installation, one can see the tent hoisting upon the air by several meters and hover in the air.

Once the installation is complete in 15 minutes, the Tensile looks like a spacecraft about to take off!

3. The wide range of options:

The biggest worry about any campers is where to pitch the tent in the wild.

Tensile rules out all these concerns. It does not require trees, and neither does it warrant soft ground. The set up is easy, whatever be the terrain.

4. What comes in the package?
  • Groundsheet, to protect the Tensile from beneath
  • Screw-in stakes
  • Support poles.

*Reflective guy lines.

  • The Tent
5. Conclusion:

The New Tensile provides the campers the perfect armory to go out trekking or vacation in the wild. The design is practical as the telescopic poles, along with the guy lines, keep the rains out. It’s lovely to view nature from where you are perched.

All said and done, there is no denying that one would prefer a grassy surface and a car to transport it.

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