TechDen: Screen Time Control Device

Man is a social animal. But with the evolution of internet and with the advent of smartphones the modern age man, is struggling to be called “SOCIAL”, we have more Virtual friends than Real friends.

And the worst part of it, the kids of today’s generation are getting addicted to the technology, so badly that they don’t know what social means anymore….for them more than actual friends they depend on virtual friends. More than actual playtime, they are hooked onto virtual playgrounds, more than real chats or conversations with the near and dear ones they are busy spending their time chatting VIRTUALLY …

Kids of today’s generation are relying heavily on the tech gadgets, which adversely affect their social skills.  They tend to be in their own world, alienated from the real world. As per the recent survey, excessive use of smartphone leads to sulking, anxiety, frustration and grouching. They start living in the virtual world, with virtual friends, having virtual conversations with them. The line of demarcation, between the real and virtual, tends to fizz out and slowly it starts to overlap, making them believe what is virtual, is real.

If you are a parent or a teacher it becomes our duty or responsibility to apprise them, what is good and what is bad; make them understand the benefits of the internet and how to harness the good side of it, without making them addicted. We should be worried about how much of screen time they should be exposed to on a regular basis. Kids as young as two years are also falling prey to smartphones leave aside the teenagers.

In order to have a normal and proper development of a child, we should ensure that kids are not exposed to frequent and prolonged usage of smartphones. If you are one of those parents who is trying to find a solution, Techden is the answer to that. It is developed to ensure that the kids have healthy screen habits.

Product Specifications :-

Weight: 5.4lbs

Dimensions: 14.45 inch (Length/Depth) X 4.65 inch (Width) X 10.87 inch (Height)

Internal Dimensions: 12 inch (Length/Depth) X 1.125 inch (Width) X 8 inch (Height)

It requires internet connection and a compatible router.

Components of TechDen :-

  1. A white box which can charge two phones or tablets
  2. Two iOS enabled lightning cables
  3. Two Android Enabled micro USB Cable
  4. Two stabilizer feet for support
  5. Power Cord

What does TechDen do?

The proverb “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, TechDen has been developed on this proverb. If you see the gadgets you are tempted to use it. If you don’t have the technology in your reach then you won’t be tempted to use it. As simple as that. Your device would be locked in the den till your next pre-determined session time.

The solution is based on “Symbiotic Approach”, where the parents would set up a session time for their kid but it becomes the kids’ responsibility to set up screen time for themselves. Like we can designate sixty minutes as the session time, but the maximum screen time would be fifteen minutes. So, as parents we can set the time limit and range of hours but it is up to kids to decide how they would like to spend it.

TechDen regularly gives notification to the kids, about the time left before it needs to be returned to the den, rather than catching kids off guard and asking them to return now. This continuous notification also helps them to respond better.

There is a reward system feature that has been created to reward the kids on timely return of the device, thus maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship between parents and the child.

For that smile that has evaded the modern families long enough. Let TechDen into your life and embrace a healthy life that we all had missed once.

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