Panasonic Sustainable Maintainer: An Intelligent Automatic Laundry System

Hate doing Laundry?? Laundry takes half of your day and if it’s a holiday its all the more sickening to spend time doing laundry. But, with revolution in the field of science comes innovation in the field of products. Now-a-days, so many out-of-the-box products are invented or developed to make our life easier and simpler. So, we have more time to spend for ourselves than doing some silly mundane chores.

This product has been developed solely based on that fact that it would take care of washing, drying, folding and putting them in cupboard. It is integrated in such a way that all these tasks can be carried out without any human intervention, with just a touch.

Panasonic’s Sustainable Maintainer changes our thought process, on how we perceive our simple household appliances, by taking it to the next level of transformation and integration. Once you put your clothes in the machine, each item would be scanned separately for stains and product information, thus for each item depending on the need of the clothes, water pressure and temperature would be taken into account. After washing is over, dryer would dry the clothes after which each item would be neatly folded and stacked. This is a futuristic design to make laundry simple and fun, with the touch of a button.

How Sustainable Maintainer Works..???

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