SuninX Infrared Heater Mirror, a new home product

Ideal for small homes, the SuninX multifunctional infrared mirror from Infralia combines several bathroom needs. The sleek, SuninX mirror features LED lights, built-in defogger, towel dryer, and infrared heating elements. The radiant heat of the infrared elements comes to full power within five minutes, and the medical-grade environmental sterilizer will help to clear the area of germs. This multifunctional infrared heater has build-in high-lumen LED lights which provide a pleasant lighting for your bathroom. Its lumen is adjustable.With the build-in defogger the mirror is fully cleared within 30 seconds. Especially when used in the bathroom this is a very handy feature. The infrared device is equipped with holders to dry your towels. The towel will dry fast and efficient through the infrared heating. The SuninX can be plugged into a standard outlet and is controlled via its touchscreen, and plans for upgrades are in the works. The unit is designed as a bathroom mirror that offers a large mirrored surface along with a heater functionality to keep the space warm, while the unit will also help to dry towels and even sterilize the space with the embedded environment sterilizer. The Infralia mirror heater unit comes in a variety of different options to suit various needs, which makes it ideal for a wide array of bathrooms. The mirror can be incorporated with different sections for holding your toothbrush and other bathroom essentials to increase overall space-saving capabilities in an instant.

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