Strom City E-bike

Bikes have been the easiest mode of transport for many years now. With the technological advancements in recent years, bikes have not remained simple bikes anymore. They metamorphosed into a revolutionary means of transport in the form of e-bikes. This post is on Strom City E-bike.

Strom City E-bike is a Denmark based e-bike. They designed this with an idea to make commuting more sustainable and its speed can reach up to 20mph or 32kmh. It has good quality, efficiency, convenience and is affordable. It has a detachable 10Ah battery which is hidden inside the built-in frame to avoid thefts. It is a powerful, silent motor that can drive the e-bike to a distance of 80km on a single charge.

It has puncture free tires which will help you to move on without getting bothered of fixing it. The body of the e-bike is rust free with an aluminum frame which is lightweight and strong. It comes with a front and rear light operated with built-in power switch, so you can get noticed even at night times. It ensures that your commuting is not restricted to morning or afternoon time only.

If you want to use it without the motor then you can avail the 7-speed gear system. It comes with a mobile charging system and dual disc brakes. It is available in medium size and large size. It comes in three different colors – Matte Black, Moon Gray, and Shiny White. The 350-watt electric motor is very quiet and is fully capable of going to 20MPH in a matter of time.

This bike is packed with umpteen numbers of features that will take you to a whole new level of biking. If you love to ride bikes then switch to Strom e-bike…A Bike for New Generation.

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