Square Off Smart Chessboard

Have you ever thought that technology has evolved not in the field of science but also in the field of games?  Well, I am not talking about the gaming which is a hobby for millions but I am talking about the evolution of indoor games in terms of technology. You might be thinking what the heck. How can indoor games be technically driven and still not be linked to gaming. Well, what if I say the indoor game that I am talking about is Chess?

Chess is considered to be one of the best activities to activate your brain cells. It not only removes your boredom but also improves memory, improves cognitive skills and improves attentiveness. A person becomes more alert and increases the concentration. This is a perfect game to engage kids and adults. What if I say that the Sqaure Off is a Smart Chessboard which integrates Artificial Intelligence into the game? Even if you have no one for company, you are never alone. Play your game and increase your game power.

Play with anyone globally. You stay connected anytime and you can play your game anytime. There are 20 different difficulty levels and you are never alone to play your game. Sqaure Off’s built in Artificial Intelligence will always keep you connected with someone somewhere. For kids, playing chess is beneficial, as it develops their cognitive skills and increases their problem solving abilities. For elders, it helps them to fight against the Alzheimer’s disease. So, it suits people of all ages.

This smart chessboard helps you to revisit your moves and helps you to understand, analyze and improve your gaming skills. You can download the app that comes with it and integrate it with chess.com which enables you to play anytime with anyone. It helps you to analyze your games, helps you to improve and notifies your ranking. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones. What are you waiting for but one TODAY!!  

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