Spoon that helps stabilize tremors in people

Essential tremor is the most common movement disorder that occurs in some people and its exact cause is unknown. It typically involves a tremor of the arms, hands or fingers but sometimes involving the head or other body parts during voluntary movements such as eating and writing.

Liftware is a company with a group of scientists and engineers who work on new technologies that help people suffering from tremors. Usually, people suffering from hand tremors can’t able to eat food on their own without spilling. So, Liftware scientists have invented a special spoon called Liftware that helps stabilize tremors and helps to eat food without spilling.

When people pick up the Liftware to eat, sensors in its handle detects and quickly responds to the hand tremors and steadies what they hold by “active cancellation of tremor” technology”, thus helps to eat without spilling.

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