Soothing Alarm for Your Needs

We have alarm clock features almost in most of the latest electronic devices and hence, we no longer have to purchase clocks with alarms. We need to set alarms to never fall behind in attending work or important meetings. Sometimes, we need them to take medicines on time, catch trains or flights for journeys, etc.

Most of the alarms we have today have jarring sound systems which do the job of waking up the person who the alarm but causes some distress and shoot up your heart beat or blood pressure, when the volume of alarm is too loud. As a respite from this problem, an alarm that awakens the people in need, in a moderate manner has been designed. Known as Wake, this alarm

Wakē is a wall-mounted device that connects to a smartphone and uses focused sound and light to gently awaken its target sleeper without disturbing other sleepers in the environment. This device is connected to your smartphone and has a facility to send signal only to the person in need of the alarm. The alarm sound is mild and peaceful. It has many more features which make this device interesting.

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