Sony Electric Car

Cars are fast paced and is perceived as more of a status symbol. High end cars are being marketed and the production has over the years increased. The thought process of a common man over the years have changed. Earlier it was looked upon a mere mode for physical transportation but now it has become more of a concept driven. With the change in the technology the way we analyse and perceive have also changed. Now every year car is launched with more functionalities that can label it as futuristic vehicle. Something that might have only been perceived as a mere figment of imagination has now been transformed into reality.

Times have changed, so has the technology and so has the entire build up about the cars. This year is also no different. Sony has launched a concept car which is yet to be released for mass production and will take time. Sony has included user interface and entertainment functionality as two important focal points.

The car has an embedded sensing technology that would enable it to detect the occupants of the car and recognise them in order to give them gesture controlled access. Sony has 33 sensors inside and outside the car in its prototype. It gives 360 degree surround view thus reducing any potential hazards. In this car there are rear facing camera sensor than rear view mirrors.

It has 4 motors, which can gain top speed of 149mph. The design is very subtle and elegant. Stream any movie straight from the car rather than downloading it before. The audio sound is very clear and crisp giving a very clear sound. It is a innovative step taken by Sony but what needs to be seen when we can have it on roads

Video source Engadget

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