Sonicbeer Revitalize your beer!

Are you an ardent beer lover? If you have nodded your head instantly, then you would love to be gifted with unique beer-related gifts. This Sonicbeer is a perfect gift for those who have a penchant for beers and have a detailed insight into it.

Sonicbeer is all about bubbles. Well, for a beer lover the mere mention of bubbles would tinkle their brains but for the first-timers let me apprise you the importance of bubbles in beer. What is the correlation between the two? And what is the importance of those bubbles?

Well, the foam is very important forbear because it protects beer from oxidation. The foam helps to bring out the aroma and gives you a distinct taste. This revolutionary device uses finely calibrated ultrasonic vibration to get that perfect foam head every time. If you manually pour it, after some time when the foam disappears the aroma also disappears and the beer doesn’t taste as good. This would help you to get the perfect foam head every time. Sound waves release bubbles through the bottom of the glass.

How it works:-

  1. Pour beer in a glass
  2. Add 2 teaspoons of water in the activation tray
  3. Place your beer glass on the activation tray
  4. Ultrasonic waves will excite and bring out the foam

A perfect gift for beer lovers…BUY NOW!!

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