Solemates: Your Heel Protectors Forever

The lives of Human beings depend on legs to a greater extent than any other part of the body. We are mobile because of our legs and hence legs get tired quickly and get hurt or injured quite frequently. Owing to all these challenges, we always focus on taking special care of our legs. Also, our heels and soles take the beating of weather and various other adversities regularly. We must take measures to safeguard them from getting infected or wounded for any reason.

Solemates steadily slide over the heels on your cherished footwear effortlessly and stop them from tumbling into the grass, sticking in between bricks, and otherwise causing you to fall. They’re subtle, reusable, can be removed easily, and are available in varied sizes, depending on the formation of your heel. Featured on Shark Tank, reviewers say things like: “Wore them for my outdoor, tented wedding and loved them! I am not a regular heel wearer and walked like a pro all day. I cannot imagine stepping onto the grass in heels ever again.”

THREE SIZES are included in order to perfectly fit the size of your heel. They are Narrow (6-8mm), Classic (8-11mm) and Wide (11-14mm). Solemates stay in place snugly on your heel and protect your heel from becoming damaged.

It is believed that human beings must respect the creation of God and take care of themselves by all means. So, get your soulmates to safeguard your feet.

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