Cinch –The Smart Solar Powered Tent

What is your take on how to enjoy life?? Do you just laze around or do you go out into the lap of Mother Nature or do you like to go out for concerts in an open ground with your friends?? What is enjoyment for you? For every person, the definition of enjoyment will definitely be different, but anyone who likes to go for outside trips would need to camp somewhere. And to camp, you need your camping tents…and by now you would have surely guessed what I might be discussing on, in this article – “YES” you are absolutely right, Camping Tents!!

But wait, not just any camping tents,(as Boring Portal is all about unique, innovative products, how can you think this article can be boring )  This article is about , solar powered pop up tent, which hardly takes a few seconds to pop up and set , making it the fastest opening  solar-powered tent.

Cinch, the ultimate super versatile solar powered camping tent;  is super easy to set up, thus, lets you enjoy your camping without struggling to set up your tent. It comes with features like  

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Climate Control
  3. Interior LED Lighting that lights up your living area
  4. Super Flex Fiber Glass Poles
  5. Door Mats
  6. Extra Pegs
  7. Made of 100% Water-proofing material
  8. Completely enclosed groundsheet to keep bugs away
  9. Spacious

Here is a revolutionary fourth generation solar-powered camping tent that would make you say “HONEY!! Let’s go camping tonight. ”.

Go fall in love with Nature all over again, Get Cinch, ORDER NOW!!

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