Solar Powered Backpack: Most Advanced Solar Beam Backpack

Smartphones are a status symbol for a few but holding a vital position in everybody’s life, without which, we seem lost and dazzled. It is, so much, intertwined with our day to day activities, that without it, we feel, lost and incomplete. That is the power of Smartphones, NOW.

With a Smartphone near us, we can have access to any kind of information anytime. But imagine, your phone, getting switched off all of a sudden, when you are traveling or in the middle of searching, how it makes you feel……Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!! It might look as if you skipped a heartbeat…Right??

But with Beam Backpack you need not worry anymore. First ever Solar Powered Backpack, which will help you to keep your mobile charged anywhere you go. No need to fret over the chargers or your phone getting switched off, in the middle of nowhere, leaving you stranded without any communication device.

Beam Backpack uses CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) Cell. It is a thin film solar cell, which can be used to convert sunlight into electric power. This solar cell is lightweight, ultrathin and flexible. It clings directly to the surfaces. There is a light indicator, which would notify once the power bank is fully charged. It would change color to blue.

The charging port comes with Micro Cable, USB Cable, Micro USB Input, USB Output, and Pilot Light. It also comes with the protective waterproof cover.

RFID Blocking, to keep your credit card information safe. Buckle Lock for the added safety. YKK water-resistant zipper. It comes with optimal storage space which can help you to keep your belongings in a more organized way. The side packets are quickly accessible without having to make a great effort, in reaching out to water bottles or your supplies. The shoulder straps balance the weights thus making the backpack feel a lot lighter.

Solar Powered Backpack, a blessing for your back. When are you getting ONE!!

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