SnowFeet New Mini Skis and Skates- Enjoy Your Winter Sports

Skiing was one of the most common forms of transport for people residing in the Arctic region. But now it is more of a sporting activity, where they challenge themselves by performing some very complicated stunts.

Earlier the skies were made of woods and with ever-evolving technology and design, the material also changed from wood to synthetic and now they have come up with “Snowfeet” which is a fusion between skiing and skating. Developed by college friends from the Czech Republic, they came up with this idea when they had loads of fun skiing with their shoes on… they had forgotten to carry their ski equipment. So, they came with this product which is lightweight and small, hence portable. Just stash it into your bag and you are ready to go.

It comes in one standard size and it will fit into shoes of size 5-13 US/ 37-47 EU because it comes with adjustable binding. So, you can have one Snowfeet for all. Just clamp them to your winter shoes or snowboard boots and you are ready to take off…no other weighty equipment are required like ski boards, snowboards or ski poles. Simply wear Snowfeet and enjoy your sport….

You can use Snowfeet anywhere like snow park, forest trails, then on the slopes and even cross-country skiing. As it is made of fiberglass so it is very lightweight and durable. Metal Ski edges for quick stopping and Heel Brake for slowing down. If you like the version of fusion, then opt for Snowfeet …. 🙂

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