Smart Watch from PRO TREK

The world of millennials and modern people went crazy a long ago while hunting for the best gadgets available in the market. The mad rush for smartwatches has no finish point. We have smartwatches from Apple, Samsung and many other popular international brands that are fighting madly for grabbing the lion’s share in the market. But these popular brands cost a bomb and not everyone could afford it.

We have a new entrant in the Smartwatch segment now. Let us see what we can gain with this new baby. We are talking about PRO TREK Smart WSD-F21HR. This timepiece has an optical sensor that serves as a heart rate monitor for speed management while performing various activities like road and trail running, cycling and trekking. I guess the name PRO TREK makes more sense when trekkers wish to use them while trekking.

This impressive timepiece also has Casio’s enhanced Activity App with menus that display measurement data in real-time. The PRO TREK WSD-F21HR also displays maps and the current location that can help the users to explore unknown terrains too. This was created specifically for those who are very adventurous and love traveling frequently. The PRO TREK WSD-F21HR boasts 50M water resistance, durability built to military specifications, a bold, durable front bezel, a soft urethane band with a double pin to ensure a comfortable fit and Casio’s signature dual-layer display.

All the features offered are tickling my senses seriously to grab it immediately and enjoy its companionship while embarking onto the new journeys ahead. I would like to go for it and the price is a really better match than apple or any such smartwatch. You get this for $499.

I would like to recommend this to my friends too as they too are crazy like me J

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