Smart Trash Can – A Smart Upgrade for Your Kitchen!!

Whenever you are working in the kitchen there is the number of reasons your hands can be soiled.  And with those hands, you wouldn’t like to lift the lid of your trash can and dump your garbage into it.

What if I say this lid system is a thing of past, you would say what’s new. Nowadays, smart trash can with sensors are there in the market, I am still talking about the trash cans with lid system. But this article is not that simple you see…it is all about apprising our readers with something new, something exciting, something smart, to keep you updated with today’s advancement in the field of invention and in the field of evolution.

Well having said all that let us move to our article

This is smart trash can which has both voice and motion sensors built into it. Just say “Open Can” then the fast and accurate voice recognition would open the lid… so getting rid of your trash has never been that easy and hassle-free. The built-in native voice control at the back of the device helps to lift the lid without having to come in contact with your trash bin.

The installed motion sensor at the back of the lid would help you to open the lid with the wave of the hand. This smart gesture function sensor works on top of the bin so when you are just passing your trash bin it won’t sense the motion and unnecessarily open the lid.

The gear system is so smooth and steady that it would ensure smooth and consistent lid working. Designed in such a way that it ensures easy cleaning and smooth wipeable surface. The outer surface is infused with Nanosilver, a particle which ensures your trash can is protected from microbes and fingerprints thus keeping it spotless and shiny year after year. It also comes with revolutionary custom fit liners which are durable and leakage proof. A trash can which blends with today’s modern revolutionized kitchen….a smart upgrade for your kitchen!!

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