Smart Toilet Seat

Toilet seats are one of the dirtiest and you can get infected very easily. If you squirm at the very idea of unclean toilet seats, then this smart toilet seat is the best bet you can possibly have.

With this smart toilet seat, you can forget the limitations of the past and witness the unprecedented cleanliness with the groundbreaking cleansing technology that is a giant step of mankind in the domain of washrooms

A smart toilet seat with stainless steel nozzle, not coated, dipped or sprayed is capable of posterior, feminine and vortex washes. As the nozzle is made of pure steel, there is no scope for wear and tear and that makes it extremely durable. The nozzle is motor driven, so it is super accurate and very reliable.

The Hydro Flush technology helps to clean the nozzle of all the impurities. The water flows out at a very high pressure, thus flushing out and remnants of debris or water minerals from a specially located drain at nozzle tip. It comes with sleek and modernized remote control, thus increasing the luxury aspect by a notch.

It is eco-friendly as it saves on toilet paper and electricity, so you will be doing something good for your environment. It comes with most reliable and effective instant water heating methods. The cool blue light makes your toilet seat more welcoming, compared to all other seats in the house šŸ˜‰

So, if you are looking at stepping up your washroom hygiene, then this smart toilet seat is a good choice.

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