Nox: Sleep Inducing Device

Admit it, that with today’s lifestyle, busy schedule and stress – personal and financial we hardly get time to sleep. It takes a lot of sheep jumping over the fence to induce the sleep which gets disrupted thus leaving us restless and exhausted.  Good Sleep is very necessary for a mental and physical well being. Today’s society is sleep deprived, though we might be hitting the bed, still background processing would be going on unconsciously, for which we would feel restless and would be tossing and turning to get that much-needed sleep. Poor sleep is often related to having negative consequences on physical and mental well being, and your poor sleep pattern is directly related to your work performance.

Nox Sleep Inducing Device:

This product NOX is designed to induce sleep and you don’t have to wait for all the sheep to jump over the fence to fall asleep. This sleep-inducing device comes with a “Sleep Aid Mode” feature, which helps us to set the brightness and tone of the light, also a soothing background which would make you love to fall asleep. It would monitor your heart rate, respiratory rate, and your sleep patterns and make you wake up when you are at the lightest point of your sleep. The wakeup call can be programmed with proper white light and sunrise music like Chirping of birds simulating sunrise, so when you wake up you feel energetic and radiant. This device is designed in such a way that it can track your movement and your bedroom environment, thus giving you a better insight about your surrounding so you can get a better idea of getting a good night sleep. As it is integrated with your smartphone you can also check your sleep score. Go Get your sound sleep, because sleeping has never been this innovative, Go Get NOX.

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