Smart Pen Which Showcases Your Ideas and Words in The Digital World.

The proverb “Pen is mightier than sword” everybody must be aware of. But do we realize why, we say so?? The stature might be small compared to sword but it has a power to accomplish things that a sword might not have the ability to do so. Rightfully said, with the advancement of technology this small pen has become smarter. Not just it is used for writing but it is teams up for many number of things which would make your eyes pop out.

This Smart Pen which showcases your ideas and words in the digital world. It has a power to convert your words, capture it and get it displayed on iOS or Android. If you love to listen to your notes, then it gives you the ability to write and record your notes, so that you won’t be able to miss out on anything. You can in turn save notes and audio recordings in your computer. Don’t miss a word in your lectures or meetings, just tap on your notes and then replay those things again. It comes with 2GB of memory so you can store over 200 hours of audio or over 1000 pages of notes. The notebook which comes with a the Smart Pen, is made up of unique pattern of microdots, which captures everything that smart pen writes or draws on it. There are different dot paper sizes and types. With this smart pen you will always stay organized.

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