Smart Newspaper

Newspaper….this piece of paper plays a very important role in our daily lives. It is a must-have, with your morning cup of tea or coffee.  It not only helps us to stay connected locally, nationally or internationally but it has become a routine or a good habit for us. Daily getting up sipping the cup of tea with the newspaper is more like a habit which we won’t like to give a miss. It is not mere sheets of paper folded together but it is more of eyes and ears for us, connecting us to the real world.

Now with the advent of technology, everything is becoming digitalized and how can the newspaper be behind. This smart newspaper is a revolution in the field of print media.  It is how print and technology has synergized to come up with such an innovative concept like smart newspaper that responds to the touch. It would empower the people to respond to the printed posts. It would be more interactive and would shift the focus of the readers from the internet to print media.

The smart newspaper will have pages just like print media and would give detailed information of what is going on in the world. It will give all the information without wasting paper. It is like an evolution of print in digital media. It will match the reader’s profile and match the reader’s likes and dislikes and would display news according to the likings. It would have RFID which will scan the person’s id and display the contents as per his/her liking. It would change the entire concept of print’s reuse and recycle policy.

This smart newspaper will change the concept of the print media; it will be an amalgamation of both the worlds-print and technology.

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