Smart Motorcycle Helmet With Track Embedded Technology

Riding bikes gives a sense of freedom and also is the fastest and economical way to reach your desired destination.  But definitely not one of the safest as maximum number of accidents occur when we ride bikes. Because a bike is not equipped with safety features like car that can ensure safety of the rider. Helmet, is one such safety equipment that bikers need to wear. But since long there has been a very little change in the way Helmets are designed.

In today’s world of emerging technology, we have embraced it in all different aspects of life. One such aspect I would be talking about is “Safety”. We have tried to harness the power of technology and have tried to integrate it with Helmets. Whenever, you are riding a bike, you should wear helmets to prevent yourselves from any kind of serious head injury. God forbid, if you meet with an accident, then it would reduce the fatalness of the accident. Helmet has been our protective gear for ages now, reducing the risks of head injury in case of any fatal crash.

But with our lives becoming more technically advanced, a simple helmet which was portrayed as only a protective gear for bikers has gone for a transformation and what has come up is a technically advanced headgear, loaded with smart features – “Ply”.

PLY, Smart Motorcycle Helmet with embedded technology. Not only acts like a protective headgear, but teams up with microphone, camera, speaker and WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it unique and smart. Comes in four colors – Black Decal, White Decal, Black Solid and White Solid and Six sizes – XS to XXL


  1. Embedded Microphone and Noise Cancellation for Hands Free calling
  2. 120 degree viewing angle with integrated HD Camera
  3. Helmet is water resistant so rain shouldn’t be a problem
  4. Anti-Fog face shield
  5. Integrated Action Cam Function to record unexpected events happening on road
  6. Connect with your navigation app and hear real time directions till you reach destination
  7. Stay connected with Bluetooth and listen to your music and
  8. Maximize air intake with front, top and back air vent

If you are looking for affordable, Smart Motorcycle Helmet then this Helmet is just for you. PLY your safety companion on road !!!

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