Jarvish, Smart Motorbike Helmet That Helps You to Stay Safe & Connected

Helmets are considered as safety gears and are very much needed to ensure your safety when you are driving your bike.

For some it may be safety gear, for some, it is a fashion statement but in both, the cases what we see is protective gear, a life savior when you are on the road. Jarvis is a Helmet of 5th gen people…smart people, smart motorbike helmet. Nowadays, you have so many gadgets to distract you and get you off-road. This helmet is one of the smartest distraction free helmets that you can possibly great.

It comes with 360-degree front and rear camera for better visibility. It is integrated with GPS, so we would get weather and road alerts. We see the Bluetooth smartphone connectivity which can help you to receive and make calls without having to worry about stopping or lifting your phone. This is integrated with Alexa and Siri. Ultra stylish, lightweight voice activated helmet. Jarvish, a smart motorbike helmet that helps you to Stay Safe….Stay Connected….:)

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