Smart LED Bathroom Mirror

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of all”…..In fairy tales anything is possible, mirror responding to your query or entering into a dialogue with the person…But can it be the same in the real world…Naaahhhh!!!

But, what if I say it is possible? With the advancement of technology, the way we vision our things has drastically changed. The impact of technology in our day-to-day living is unmeasurable and unthinkable. One such thing I would be talking about in this article is about the smart mirrors.

How can mirrors be smart…I mean for ages it has been just hanging on the wall showing us our reflection…how can mirrors be smart then. But what if I say with the modern-day technology, the mirror is not a mirror anymore? Rather, it has been transformed into a multi-functional device.

This Smart LED Bathroom Mirror comes with Smart Touch. No push buttons, a simple touch to navigate. The intelligent defogging system will help you clean up your mirror from bathroom steam.

Umpteen features available that will sweep you off your feet.

●Time Display
●Temperature Display
●Time Adjustment
●Music display
●Bluetooth call
●Bluetooth audio
●Anti-fog function
●Lighting function

A smart choice for smart people.

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