Smart Kitchen Faucet

Touchless kitchen faucets are hard to resist. They look smart and very modern and also gel with today’s modern home settings.

As they have motion detected sensors, they are easy to use. You don’t have to twist, push, and try hard to just open the tap when both your hands are dirty. It is too convenient to use.

If you are a cleanliness and health freak, then this kind of a thing probably will help you. No need to touch and open. Thus, it ensures in lesser means to spread germs through your kitchen counter or faucet.

Now-a-days, we are being advised to save water. But, there have been many occasions when we forget to close the tap properly losing out on a lot of water.                                            

This smart voice enabled faucet helps you to counter all your problems. Delta and Alexa has come up with this revolutionary technique which has placed this kitchen faucet a notch above the rest.

With this voice activated faucet you can turn on, turn off, and pour specific quantity and even warm up your water without having to touch your faucet ever again.

This means you can get a clean, stain free, streamlined convenience into your home. This technology enables, use of both voice and touch enabled commands for proper functioning of your tap.

The list of commands it understands are:-

  1. “Alexa, ask Delta to turn on.”
  2. “Alexa, ask Delta to turn off.”
  3.  “Alexa, ask Delta to dispense one cup.”
  4. “Alexa, ask Delta to warm up water.”
  5. “Alexa, ask Delta to fill bottle.”

Understated and sleek, this faucet is surely is an ideal finishing touch to our modern home kitchen….BUY NOW!!

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