A Perfect Time to Tell Your Man How Much You With a Smart Gifts

The new year is approaching and a perfect time to tell your man how much you love…shower your love and shower him with these unique smart gifts. But, honestly, picking out the perfect smart gifts for your man might be quite intimidating. But worry no more take these gifting tips and gift your man with the gift of his choice.

1) Smart Wallet

A wallet that can never be lost. Whenever you are searching for your wallet, open your app on the phone and click require a wallet, your wallet will start ringing, making it easily traceable. Also, you can double click your wallet and track your phone by making it ring, even if you have put it in silent mode. It comes with lost and found feature, wherein the app would help to trace the last location where you placed your wallet. You can use your wallet as a remote for the phone to take your pictures, for those hassle-free selfies. Read more

2) Smart Suitcase

If your man is living his life out of the suitcase, then its time to gift him a smart suitcase. A suitcase that will follow you wherever you go. This obstacle avoiding follow up suitcase would follow you wherever you go, and if you go beyond 2m range then it would alert you for that. Maximum speed is 3m/sec and has a good storage capacity of 34L. There are two modes:- Automatic and Manual. Read more

3) Smart Shaver

Smart Shaver for Smart Men. It comes with USB Quick Charging which can fully charge in 60 minutes. Both wet shave and dry shave you can do using this machine. Uses 100-240V AC. Comes with a USB Power Cord and USB wall charger. It comes with LCD Screen which displays battery status. It comes with a pop-up trimmer so that you can get those close perfect shaves.

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