Smart Fridges of Next-Gen

We have been continuously facing an upward trend in technological evolution. With the passing years, we have seen a radical transformation in the society. Now the technology is very much an integral part of our lives. Technology seamlessly blends in our day to day activities and is causing a digital transformation.

One such case of technological evolution we see in the fridge. Over the years this gadget has got transformed into a more sophisticated and reformed device. It is not only used in preserving the foods but in the latest scenario is integrated with enhanced functional features.

Below are a list of some refrigerators which are unique in some way:-

Samsung Family Hub 2.0

It is not just a fridge but a companion. A fridge that can speak, organize and helps you to view what is inside without even opening the fridge. It helps you to open and read recipes on the door of the fridge. You can manage your calendar, organize your task list, helps you to catch up on your favorite show while working in the kitchen. Fridge with a voice, a fridge to lean open…a companion.

Panasonic Multi Door Freezer

Beautifully designed. Mirror gloss finish and frameless design give it a sleek and modern look which blends with your interior’s fine furniture. The sensors in the freezer ensure a temperature of -3 degrees all the time which quickly puts the ingredients in partially frozen states, so to reduce the oxidation and thus not letting the food getting spoilt. Thus, the shelf life of food increases. It has 5 different sensors.

Panasonic Smart Moving Fridge

Have you ever thought that a fridge so advanced can move up to you when called? Well, Panasonic has come up with just that. A fridge that comes to you whenever it gets called. It is a self-driving fridge that can move around without bumping into obstacles. It uses LIDAR and depth sensors to map your home. This voice-activated fridge will come to you whenever you will call Ku to come to the dining table and Ku will come for you. Once done it will again go back to its station. Good for people with physical disabilities and for LAZY people 😊

GE smart French Door Refridgerator

It is a smart fridge with 27.8 cu feet of total capacity. It comes with advanced water filtration. It also comes with Keurig K-Cup which makes instant hot water at any time of the day. You can also schedule your hot water and have it at your convenience.

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