Vieu – The Smart Video Doorbell by Eques

I generally, go for those power naps in the afternoon time. Because for me, these power naps, I have felt help me to restore my energy and rejuvenate me to perform my tasks better. Also, it is scientifically proven, that we need to go for small duration shut-eye for the mental and physical well being.

So, as I was saying I generally go for my afternoon siesta, but most of the times I have seen, the moment I am in that transition phase of being carried away from real world into my dream world, I get those darn “Ding Dong “sound in my ears, which gets louder by the time, if not addressed to, at that moment. Thus, the outcome, dragging myself out from the bed and opening the door to find out that courier guy wants to deliver the gift (not to me) but to someone else whose flat number I should only know and give him directions….Damn it….And I am left wide opened in my real world again struggling to get sleep. Which results in eventually, ditching my power nap and going for my daily chores that eventually would follow…Cruel World.

One day, I was just, going through some latest inventions, when I chanced to see this product which is a smart doorbell. It is called – Vieu Smart Video Doorbell. It is a video doorbell. I went through its features and I liked this product, as I felt it is the best wireless doorbell equipped with all features which would provide security and also the provision to monitor who is at your doorstep without having to get up and open the door.

Vieu – The smart doorbell will transmit live video feed or image of the visitor to your mobile, whenever it senses some motion at your doorstep. It not only is convenient to use but also protects your house from intruders by letting you see what is happening in front of your house, and you can directly interact with thus cautioning them that they are being recorded and tracked. It is easy to install and very easy to recharge. Give charge to the world’s smartest doorbell – Vieu, your home protector.

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