Smart Contact Lens: An Easy Solution to Your Eye Problems

Your eyes, a remarkably resilient pair of organs, constantly face dust, dirt, air pollution, rubbing, poking of your fingers, or even the encounter with a flying object at times and still keeps working! Have you ever imagined how that is even possible! Tears..yes your tears, the constant production of tears create a thin layer over your eyeballs which is full of moisture and nutrients, and keeps the eye in a healthy state and working. Now researchers believe that they can offer more with the development of new smart contact lenses.

Worldwide, approximately 130 million people use contact lenses, for the vision correction. With amalgamation of healthcare and electronic systems, and technological advancements, it is now feasible to integrate variety of transducers into a small lens. This is for diagnosing and treating eye diseases. 

Belgium’s leading research and innovation hub imec, Ghent University, and SEED Co., a Japanese contact lens manufacturer have developed a hydrogel-based smart contact lens that incorporates a silicon microchip, integrated LED light, and radiofrequency (RF) antenna for wireless energy transfer.

This novel development claims to pave the way for unique applications in treatment of eye problems.

The major advantages of such a device are:

  • low invasiveness
  • continuous monitoring for signs of ocular/eye diseases

-Smart contact lens could prove useful in correcting vision of presbyopic patients (long-sightedness caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye, occurring typically in middle and old age).

-They can be useful for patients with iris deficiencies

-The sensors can regularly monitor body parameters in the tear fluid.

The lens needs to be oxygen-permeable, wrinkle-free, thin, and comfortable to wear and also electrically functional.

The eyes have been called as the “Window to the soul” since thousands of years. With this new innovation, just imagine! it could be so much more.

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