Smart Clothes with sensing technology on the way

Until now, the main purpose of clothing is to cover the body or keep it cool or warm or to look more attractive. Now, the advancement in technology has gone to such an extent that you can use clothing to place sensors in it and make them as fitness trackers for your body  to continuous heart-rate monitoring , measure calories burnt, and workout impact.

The sensors that are used for the clothes have to be very tiny so as to get the same feel whether you wear normal clothing or sensor clothing. Scientists have developed new technologies that allow tiny, stretchable electrical circuits that can be printed onto clothes.  One way of making such devices uses stretchable ink that serves as the wires between different sensors, such as GPS, accelerometers, heart rate monitors or temperature sensors. The ink is made of conductive silver nanoparticles that are embedded in a stretchy polymer and the ink can withstand on the cloth/shirt even after 100 washes.

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