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Technology has evolved and so have the risks behind the wheels. It is very ironical that in this article as much as technology has played an important role in distractions and a lot many accidents in recent times, it has also contributed in ramping up the safety of the person behind the wheels.

Let us be honest, we are always using our mobile phones for texting, messaging, Emailing, music, navigation, etc.

Chris has been designed so that you are connected with your mobile device while you are driving. One of the smartest and biggest changes in recent times is the introduction of voice-controlled assistants. And, one such creation I would be talking about is “Chris”.

Chris is a digital assistant made specially to help drivers to stay connected without losing focus on driving. Connect Chris to your app and control it by gesture and voice while driving. As voice recognition technology is inbuilt in this device, you can stay connected with your device even when you are offline or online. So, it gets an edge over other voice assistants like Alexa which need the Internet all the time. A driver while driving won’t stay connected all the time, Chris makes sure you stay connected whether online or offline.

Chris is a multitasking device where you can listen to the talk and also get your navigations going. Chris fits into any car, easy to install and use whatever the age and model of your car may be. So, if you feel your safety is more important to you, then you should order Chris NOW!!

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