Smart Air Purifier

Air is the very essential element for any living being. It is present in abundance. But, with passing years what once used to be pure and oxygen rich has been transformed into highly toxic and harmful for us to even breathe. Unfortunately, we have over the years progressed in the technology front that we have done little to save our climate and this is now showing in our daily lives. We constantly fear for our health because what we breathe is honestly speaking crap. Less of oxygen and more of toxic fumes to be precise.

But thanks to the technology we have been able to come up with some solution which would at least help us to breathe oxygen rich air.

  • Levoit Air Purifier

Smart air purifier helps you to control it from wherever you are. Its improved filtration helps you to trap 99.97% of fine particles of 0.3 microns diameter and also large pollutants such as pollen, dust, pet hair and smoke. Control it remotely through free VeSync App or the touch screen display. Three stage filtration for a cleaner and oxygen rich healthy air. No disturbance is felt as noise won’t ever exceed 52 decibels.

  • Hathaspace Air Purifier

Another air purifier that works smartly and keeps your air purified wherever you are at your home with easy filter installation. You can monitor your quality of air and accordingly change the fan speed in real time. It is Ozone safe and approved by CARB. Eliminate viruses, bacteria, smoke, mold, dust, pet dander and allergens. Turn it to whisper noise mode for silent sleep.

  • Medify MA-40 Air Purifier

It cleans room up to 1300 square ft in one hour and 800 square ft in 30 minutes and 400 square ft in 15 minutes. It comes with three certifications – ETL, CARB and Energy Star.

It comes with a 4 fan speed and 8 hour timer. It comes with child lock and also medical grade H13 filters.

Progress is definitely life changing but not at the cost of human lives. Let us join hands to make a better and cleaner tomorrow, So that we don’t have to breathe in through any air filters but we can breathe fresh and healthy air.

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