Skype or Other Online Apps For Work From Home- Absolute Necessity To Fight Pandemic Outbreak

Because of the outbreak of COVID 19, people all across the globe are going through a tough time. Most people working in various corporates are facing issues working in office locations at respective business parks. People working in the Government sectors are also pestering under the peril of this life-threatening disease. So, Government bodies of various countries already announced work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Since the majority of IT employees and other corporate individuals are working from remote locations, they are facing problems while connecting with their clients. Thanks to Skype, Zoom, and other online video calling applications intended for business purposes.

Features of Skype and Other Applications

Quick Calls Through Skype

When you are sitting on your sofa and showing a presentation to your client, then skype can be the major source application for you. It comes with a multitude of features that can make your video conferencing seamless. You won’t face any sort of interruption while the video call is underway. No agreement is required for this. It doesn’ matter whether you are freelancing, or talking o vendor, or with your boss, you need to share the desktop or laptop link and this keeps you rolling.

Skype gives you the option to blur the background during video conferences. Moreover, Skype comes with a versatile approach to provide communication software.

Zoom App for Business Meetings and Live Interview

There has been a huge surge in the world of video conferencing and estimates show that the current market will soon cross $20 billion marks. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, most of the interviews and business meetings are done via the Zoom app. This is compatible with your Android or iOS device. The features of Zoom are synonymous with Skype and when the whole world is dreading towards a darker phase, this Zoom keeps your business stable and helps in recruiting more candidates. Moreover, Zoom has come up with a free plan for 100 participants in a Zoom meeting. But Skype has a limitation of 50 candidates. 

Also, in Zoom user gets the option to implement a virtual background provided there is a green sie adjacent to it. Moreover, you can customize the Zoom app as per your choice and usability.

“Around” Application to Accomplish Everything in a Jiffy

You can make quick and fast calls with your client from the comfort of your home provided you are having a stable Wi-Fi connection. This doesn’t require any team setup. In a huge corporate, this app appears to be quite viable since you don’t need to pull all the candidates inside this app during video conferencing.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Work From your Comfort Zone Well, these apps mentioned above will surely ease down the work from home processes across various countries. This is quite common in corporates and since the government announced work from home for most of the corporates these apps have become the utmost necessity.

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