Should we truly utilize our brains more ?

A few years back, one of my cousins came to visit me. He was really good at personal computers and I asked him if he could help me for my slow laptop.  He conveyed that the hard disk was nearly filled and he would delete some data to increase free space. And this technique worked.

For the last decade or two, a mindset has been created in the Industry that we are all under utilizing our brains. A few Hollywood movies have also been made about it (remember Lucy) The fact that we use only about 1 % of our brain capacity makes people feel guilty that we should use this precious resource more.

But how do we know if the brain can handle using it more, for example 2 or 3% of its capacity, and still perform ok ? If normal functioning is 1% , it would mean using two or times more than normal functioning.

All our body parts can be utilized for up to a certain capacity: Our eyes and conscious mind need rest at least 6 hours or 25% during the day when we sleep. Our hands and legs are tired after 12 hours or 50% work during the day.

What if the brain works like a personal computer where once over utilized or over filled, it either becomes overheated or becomes slow ?

Excessive social media use use of Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp are pouring useless information in our brains all the time. There could be long term impact on our brains which we would know in the next decade. At work, corporations are trying to multi-task employees to a level where some managers are in meetings 80% of the time during the day. Do they have time to even think of what was discussed and take appropriate actions !

Even young people have now started complaining about short term memory loss and little is known of the reasons at this stage.

We all know excessive stressful situations cause anxiety and related diseases like Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Heart Disease.

FDA or Scientists should step into this domain and determine how much of brain utilization should be considered excessive.

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