Should India send troops to Afghanistan?

Indian parliament member, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, commented on twitter to BoringPortal that India should send troops to Afghanistan. India always has been a peace loving nation since civilizations started prospering on planet Earth. India never invaded any foreign land for glory or wealth. Instead, she chose to always extend support to those who reached her for help and embraced those feared annihilation in their home lands and sought asylum in India. Going by this strong record, the policy remains the same and holds good even for her closest neighbor Afghanistan. For more than 2 centuries, India and Afghanistan have been maintaining friendly ties.

Post-independence from the British rule, India continued to stay close to Afghanistan, as the Pathan neighbors continued to fight outsiders from invasion and forceful annexation into its territory. Afghanistan that once was a modern country with western education system till its President Dr. Najibullah was alive, has not had a peaceful period in the last 40 years, as continuous wars with external forces and the internal uprising of fanatic outfits like Talibans kept the nation, ravaged by all means. The children of this nation have not seen any happy times nor any future with bright prospects of education and employment.

Peacekeeping forces of USA monitored by Pentagon have been fighting in Afghanistan for over a decade now to checkmate Taliban and they did achieve success to a greater extent than expected and now they have decided to withdraw their troops by the second half of 2020. In this scenario, it is critical to understand if India can help its old neighbor as there is a need, obviously. The last battle with Afghanistan was the 3rd battle of Panipat – where Afghan ruler Ahmed Shah durrani attacked the Marathas in 1761.

India should initiate peace process talks between different factions in Afghanistan and then try to send a UN peacekeeping force led by India – where other nations would contribute with India. This move can help India gain an edge over its Asian neighbors like China and Pakistan, as this is a great opportunity to exercise her military power. USA and Russia also have no valid reason to oppose India in this decision. This will definitely be a strategic victory for India though British, Russians and Americans have not been able to win in Afghanistan till date. As India would get support from Russia, US and UK – it would succeed provided the border with Pakistan is completely sealed. Pakistan would lose its strategic significance so will try to hurt the peace process.

On the contrary, India may lose heavily in the fight for various reasons. Afghans may not like this move from India. This possibility is very much possible as Afghans never attacked India in the past. The image of India as a peaceful nation would also be altered. There are a lot of ifs and buts to be reviewed before taking the big jump into the battlefield of Afghanistan.

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