Shoe Cover Dispensers for keeping your shoes tidy and dirt free

Shoes make fashion statements and shoes also open up pandora’s box of different infections that come with it. Shoe covers, till date, are envisioned for hospital employees, ONLY. But in reality, shoe covers are not only for hospital people anymore, they are for people who would like to keep their surroundings clean and also would not like to ruin their shoes. Just like me 🙂

You buy a type of shoes and you end up with shoes, looking like something else, hardly in a few months’ time. And have you ever asked why?? It is because of not covering your shoes properly, thus exposing it to dust, dirt and trampling. (This trampling I agree won’t be intentional though, but it is bound to happen in overcrowded places).If we don’t use these shoe protectors they will eventually weather out our shoes, making them lose their luster, or we can bring home a trail of unwanted dust or infections into our house.

Now, when we talk of the age-old technology, of wearing those shoe covers, where to wear them, honestly, is like balancing on rope :)…you need to bow down, and wear those covers. It feels very irritating and frustrating, and most of the people would just try to take the shortcut, by bending or slouching would try to wear them, thus, many times, losing their balance also.

This automatic shoe cover dispenser, gives you the hands-free solution, to sport your shoe covers. No mopping, no fretting over floor getting dirty, just slip in and slip out of it, effortlessly. It is lightweight so it is portable.

Get automatic Shoe cover dispenser TODAY and get an alternative to removal of shoes.


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