Shiftwear Sneakers

I remember when I was a kid I always wanted to have a jazzy pair of sneakers, that had glitters. But then after possessing those sneakers, I would get bored as they are the same stuff I would be seeing night and day. No change, then after a few months one would get bored and wish for another one. This was an ongoing process but with the changing trend and evolving technology, the fine line between imagination and reality has blurred. Now people don’t just follow the herd, they try to step aside and come up with something innovative.

Shiftwear Sneakers is something like this. An innovation to another dimension is into another level. It is a sneaker that enables you to customize your sneakers using your smartphone. You can change the canvas of your sneaker from your app. They are waterproof shoes, so you can walk in them even in rain without having to worry about it getting wet.

Shiftwear also includes Bluetooth and wi-fi. Using your Bluetooth and wi-fi you can integrate with any accelerometer or gyroscope by which you can step, tilt or move to rigger your designs. It doesn’t let you waste your energy while you are walking also, you generate charge while you are walking….smart isn’t it. It has a flexible unbreakable display that allows you to display images or videos on your sneakers. So, get grooving and be the latest style icon…!!!

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