SharkID: An app for

Apps are ruling the roost everywhere today. We too cannot deny this as it is true. We have apps for even a minuscule thing now but they made our lives better. I am sure, all agree to this. One such popular app is SharkID.  It was launched in February 2017 by an Indian Ramesh Sinha.

SharkID will assist you in gaining the information of your friends and acquaintances despite them changing their contact info. They have many other benefits with this app. It is a free smart phone-book app available for iOS as well as Android smartphones. SharkID auto-updates your contacts, creates and share business cards, brand dialing, connects to people around you and a lot more.

Why should we use SharkID?

UNIQUE IDENTITY: Your name shall become your brand identity with this app. Create a six to ten character unique identity (which is on SharkID. This ID becomes an all-access card to your contact information, business particulars and social media accounts)

AUTO UPDATING PHONE-BOOK: You can do away with the irritating task of adding new contacts, merging duplicate contacts, removing dead entries and old contact details.

BUSINESS CARDS: You have the liberty of possessing personal cards and multiple Business Cards on SharkID based on your condition. Add your contact information and link your social media accounts. Share your business card digitally just by sharing your SharkID.

NEARBY: You can locate people near you effortlessly to connect to them and share personal cards and business cards. Nearby feature on SharkID has GPS and is Bluetooth enabled.

BRAND DIALING: Get an exhaustive list of brands with their contact information by typing and searching.

ADD ON FEATURES: You can receive notifications about updates from the people whom you like or Follow. Block and Mark as Spam features also are there to ensure your privacy and avoid unwanted calls.

GROUPS: Create similar interest groups. Stay in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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