Serenelife Eye Massager

Eyes are a window to your inner self. They express your emotions well, where words may fail. But nowadays, in this digital world we are constantly straining our eyes by sitting in front of the monitor, mobile and when we take rest, our bodies would be at rest but our eyes are continuously working – TV, Mobiles. So, when are we giving our eyes the time to relax and refresh? These continuous eye movements result in dry eyes, puffiness, dark circles, eye strain, and migraine.

Serenelife Eye Massager is very beneficial for people of all walks of life. It comes with 5 selectable massage modes, that can be adjusted as per your requirement. It is lightweight and foldable, so you can carry it anywhere you go. It weighs just 12.8 ounces. This portable device relaxes your eyes and has a soothing effect on your mind.

It has an adjustable relaxing band that would fit into everybody’s face. This eye massager gives air pressure and vibrations so that you can relieve yourself from eye strain and soothes your eye muscle. It has an MP3 integrated with it which helps you to relax. It is integrated with pre-defined music list and you can upload music of your choice with the USB cable. It comes with an automatic power-off function that would shut down the massager once you are asleep. Built-in rechargeable battery. Buy now for that relaxing experience. ORDER NOW!!

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