Selfie Stick for safe clicking

Selfie has become an integral part of our lives.  Now, we are not just restricting ourselves to selfies but there are many  words that are prefixed with “fies”; Footfie, Groufie  and many more “fies” that are getting added with each passing day. It has become a rage, a worldwide craze to personally capture that special moment. I personally don’t know what to coin it ; an addiction with gen next, or a self capturing special moment that can be shared subsequently. It is a phenomenon of capturing oneself and it is gaining momentum.

With the present  batch of selfie instruments, that are accessible, to adjust , click and capture is a cumbersome task and quite risky as well. Many people met with serious accidents capturing that perfect shot. But with Evo GoCam Selfie stick you can capture without  getting ruptured. Main mantra is with stick and you click. It sticks to any surface and you can capture yourself or your group or can go for a live streaming or record while executing certain tasks and many more such mind boggling features.

Whether you are on land or under water you can capture your moments anytime anywhere because it comes with a waterproof case. It is so portable that it stores in your phone case,  so just carry and click. So, chuck your selfie sticks, tripods, and various intriguing techniques to lean your phone at various angles and switch to Evo GoCam Selfie Stick. Evo GoCam Selfie stick to capture the perfect click.

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