Self-powered smart stop sign lights up to alert drivers

According to the Federal Highway Administration, around 54 percent of all ghastly traffic accidents leading to a lot of deaths happen in the countryside. Most of these accidents occur due to the callousness of lousy drivers who ignore the Traffic Signals.

Advanced technology can be a great support in order to fix this problem. Illuminating flashing lights on the Traffic signals can alert the drivers of approaching vehicles. Designed by a team led by professors Sara Ahmed and Samer Dessouky, from The University of Texas at San Antonio, the system is powered by an integrated solar panel. This allows it to run completely off-grid.

As a vehicle reaches a stop signal that’s armed with this technology, a multi-pixel passive infrared sensor detects the trajectory and velocity of that vehicle’s thermal signature. The sensor can also determine what sort of vehicle it is.

Based on that data, a red light above the signal starts blinking to warn the driver – it does very quickly to give them enough time to come to a halt, based on their current velocity.

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