Self-Cleaning Aquarium By EcoQube C

As kids, we all must have at some point thrown tantrums, to acquire an aquarium with different varieties of fishes and accessories needed to decorate the fish tank. But just possessing a fish tank won’t work, a lot of cleaning work is also needed to go in, and that used to be a great headache for our parents and a great challenge for us, to convince them, to keep one at home. If proper and regular cleaning is not done, then survival of fishes would be a challenge.

But, with EcoQube C Aquarium, we can have an aquarium, without having to stress about cleaning and wastage.

EcoQube C is a low maintenance, compact and self-cleaning aquarium. It comes with a panoramic 360-degree view. Easy Installation and once installed we would never be bothered to change the filters. It is equipped with auto cleaning facility.

EcoQube Kit Includes:-

  1. Tank
  2. Sand
  3. Mountain Stone
  4. Plant Medium
  5. Seed
  6. Glass Cover
  7. LED Remote
  8. Light

How EcoQube C Works:-

The fishes produce ammonia-rich waste. Good bacteria inside the water would convert this ammonia into “NITRATES”. These nitrates would pass through the filter, where the plants are planted. Plants absorb nitrates for their own growth. Ammonia is left out and clean water gets transferred to the aquarium. Because of this innovative and unique technique employed by EcoQube C, it leads to 50% less energy and 90% less water wastage.

The clear acrylic panels of EcoQube C make its content crystal clear and thus making it a perfect centerpiece for your workspace, living room, kids’ room or classroom. For conventional fish tanks, the cleaning is a cumbersome process and plays a major obstacle for many people to go for their own self-cleaning aquarium. Also, we can see the plants grow in front of us, thus opening the door to nature for our kids.  Kids need to understand the benefits we yield from the nature around us. And what best way to be in proximity with nature by having one at home. Also, the LED Remote helps in controlling and customizing the light.

EcoQube C is a sustainable ecosystem at your home. Open your doors to nature with EcoQube C  Self-Cleaning Aquarium

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