Self-Balancing Bike By Honda Riding Assist

Bike, a two-wheeled vehicle that is hugely used by people for commuting. Most loved form of transport. For a few people, bikes are like a fashion statement. For a few, it is a cheap form of commute. For some bike riders, it is a freedom from parking problems and congested roads. Whatever it might symbolize, the bike remains one of the most favorite forms of transport.  

The problem while riding the bike, is balancing of this vehicle, because of its weight. In snail-paced traffic, to drive bikes to become a torture, especially if you are a Noob. Honda has unveiled a new technology for bikes – “Self-Assist Bikes “. When we talk of Honda, Honda and Bike are two sides of the same coin. Whenever we talk of Honda we implicitly refer to Bike and vice a versa.

Generally, the self-balancing bike makes use of heavy gyroscopes, which make maneuverability a big challenge. Honda makes use of technology that is based on balancing system, used in its Asimo Robot and Uni-Cub electric motor scooter.  Balance Algorithm is the foundation for the Honda Riding Assist Technology.

The self-balancing bike, Honda Riding Assist-e, is an electric vehicle with a low center of gravity and a low seat height, with self-balancing capability. It comes with special features like the degree to which the bike can lean, and deactivate at a particular speed. It comes in different Mode Levels.  It also comes with following the rider feature. The bike will follow the rider, by tapping the front fender of the bike.

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