When security matters the most , Tapp Lock comes foremost.

With the advent of technology, our life has metamorphosed from traditional, simple living to technology-driven solutions. Could we have ever imagined a lock without a key? Naaah… I mean, with this product you can secure your belongings but you don’t need a key. But you still have a lock. Wooow…:)

With technology comes shortcuts. Tapp Lock uses the fingerprint as a key to secure your belongings. Just imagine your unique fingerprint is your key. As simple as that. Now you are thinking key can easily be replicated and given to the acquaintance if you are not there. Worry not….They have a solution to this also.

Smart Fingerprint Padlock for Smart people. You can grant access to sitting anywhere in the world to a person for a stipulated time. As simple as that. No replication and no forgetting your keys. Just with the press of a button, you would be giving him access to open the lock for the required time period, then it would be revoked automatically. Fabulous……Just to add more smile to an already glowing face, let me tell you about one more feature. God forbid if pilferer tries to break open your lock, KNOCK! KNOCK! Who is it? The POLICE. Ha… Ha… A captivating sentence but really it comes with an alarm system to ward off those unwanted people from your belongings. If security is your top priority then switch to Tapp’s smart fingerprint padlock.

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