New Age Security Devices Will Keep Your Home Safe

We build our homes with love and affection, but we always stand a chance to lose our belongings to the outsiders. With new age security devices, we can secure our house and keep our belongings safe. Below are the security devices that you must install to keep it safe from miscreants.

1. Smart Door Bell – Ring

A smart door-bell for smart people is here. You can interact with the visitors with your phone, tablet, and PC. Comes with infrared night vision. You can get live view anytime you need to keep a check on your property. Sends alerts when motion is detected or doorbell is pressed. You can connect Ring with selected Alexa Devices.

2. Smart Door Locks – August Smart Lock

Nowadays we suffer from a lot of memory loss and when it comes to managing our house keys, we tend to suffer from some seriously constipated memory loss…get over it…install August Smart Lock. It is connected with Alexa for voice control, simply tell your door to get locked and it will get locked. You can control the access to your home. You can track the activity at your home, with the activity tracking report. It will automatically lock and unlock once you approach. This is easy to install and possesses Certified Z Wave Plus Product.

3. Smart Camera – Ring

This stick-up camera comes with 1080p HD video and also night vision that can be mounted anywhere. You can interact with the person on the other side with your phone, tablet or PC. Motion sensors would send notifications whenever it senses any kind of motions. Get live view anytime whenever you are outside. It will connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

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